Dr. Sprague

Dr. Sprague is a graduate of Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.  She joined Glastonbury Veterinary Hospital upon graduation, following in her father’s, Dr. Keish’s, footsteps and joining him at the practice. In 2006 she took over the Glastonbury Veterinary Hospital reins and became hospital owner. Dr. Sprague enjoys internal medicine and using her ultrasound machine. Dr. Sprague enjoys going to continuing education conferences and had taken courses in ultrasonography. She lives in Marlborough with her husband, Steve, and her 3 children, Michael, Steven, and Caitlin.  They have 2 cats, Amon and Mischief, who are purr machines and excellent alarm clocks. They have 2 goats, Nicolette and April.   In her free time she enjoys helping her children with their 4H projects that include dairy goats and Belted Galloway cows.

MONDAY  7:30AM-8:00PM