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MrT came to our hospital with his brother when they were both just babies. He showed a false positive for FIV and had to have multiple surgeries to have polyps removed from his throat. After many days spent with Steven recovering we found out that he did not have FIV and his polyp problems were gone. By this time our staff had fallen in love with the little guy and we couldn’t adopt him out so he became our office kitty and third cat on the weekends to Steven and DR Sprague.

Office Manager


Steven came to Glastonbury Veterinary Hospital to help out his wife, Dr. Sprague, with the book keeping in 2017. He soon realized he could help even more by becoming a full time practice manager. His two favorite work benefits are spending more time with Dr. Sprague while she is doing what she loves (helping animals) and spending more time with our office cat Trouble. Trouble spent many hours in Steve’s arms when he was a kitten and not feeling well. When not at work Steve enjoys reading at home with his purr machine Mischief.



Chelsea joined the GVH Staff in May 2015 as a receptionist. She has seven years prior experience in two other veterinary hospitals as well as multiple years of pet sitting. Her love for animals came from growing up with her mother breeding and showing Golden Retrievers, Labradors and Siamese cats. Her favorite dog is a Corgi and hopes to breed Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s one day. She currently resides in Glastonbury with her husband Fabio, two corgi’s Blueberry & Tater Tot, and her sweet Himalayan Mix kitty Leo.

coming-soonKaitlyn (Katie)

Katie joined GVH in August 2018 as a receptionist. She had gone to school to be a certified Vet Assistant and worked as one for a couple of years prior to joining our team. She has a great passion for animals and has rescued many over the years, and hopes to start her own rescue in the future. Katie enjoys spending time Louis her rescue chihuahua whom she’s had since he was a day old and nursed back to health from a bout of pneumonia. When not playing with her 5 dogs and 8 cats Katie enjoys reading and spending time outdoors.



Stephanie started working at Glastonbury Veterinary Hospital when she was in High school.  She has since graduated from Northwestern Connecticut Community College’s Veterinary Technology Program in 2011 with an Associate’s Degree in Animal Science. Stephanie is the proud pet parent of Cookie-Crisp, a Papillion mix, Hubble, a Gordon Setter, and 2 cats Pantera and Munchkin.  She is also a wonderful mom to her human child, Chase.   In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, music, and hanging out with family and friends. Stephanie is a HUGE fan of Kelly Clarkson.


Michelle joined Glastonbury Veterinary Hospital in June of 2017.  She enjoys talking with clients and sharing stories of their furry friends. When she is not working she likes listening to music, singing kareoke and spending time with family and friends.  She has a puggle named Nugget, and a sweet orange kitty named Pumpkin.


Ellen began her career in animal care as a vet assistant at Glastonbury Veterinary Hospital in 1993. After spending several years studying Animal Science and Spanish at UCONN, she became a full time veterinary technician in Avon, CT.

In March of 2018, Ellen has returned to her Glastonbury Vet family, and is excited to bring her well rounded Veterinary knowledge with her.

Ellen lives in Portland with her husband Tom, labradoodle Murry, and cat Geno. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, mountain biking, lots of time at the beach and pool, cooking, and trying lots of different arts and crafts projects.

After 25 years, she still loves her job as much as the very first day, and believes it’s a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together.


Ashley grew up in Glastonbury and received her Veterinary Assistant Certification through Manchester Community College. She worked for a 24 hour emergency clinic for two years before joining the Glastonbury Veterinary Hospital team, and has been dog grooming since 2015 which started with a grooming mentor through PetCo for 3 months before grooming on her own. Ashley started a house call grooming business beginning of 2019 for owners who have dogs that are scared to travel, anxious waiting in a kennel or for owners who want their dogs to have that special one on one time. In her spare time she likes to be outdoors hiking or running,  going to car meets, live music, and spending time with her boyfriend and dogs. She has a beagle mix named Mack and an american akita named Kita.


Jami joined the GVH Team in May of 2019 after one year experience working at a different veterinary hospital, and several years experience working at a pet store. She received her certificate in Veterinary Assisting in November 2019. Jami loves all animals, especially cats. She currently resides with her boyfriend Jose, two adorable kitties named Phantom & Valen, her energetic Mini Aussie named Red, and her bearded dragon named Ozuna.


Beth has been part of the GVH family since 2008. She lives with her husband Dan and daughter Mae with their 2 dogs Fudgie + Ellie, 3 cats named Fork, Walter & Zoey, 4 goats named Marilyn, Lila, Zydeco & Carrie, a slew of chickens including Eileen the australorp and  Bruce the buff orpington rooster as well as 6 rabbits called Beveren which is an endangered species. Beth has a degree in fine arts and enjoys painting, working on her farm-ette and practicing a form of horseback riding called dressage.

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